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Just Bridging Launches PortfolioBuilder

Your flexible bridging solution from £26,000 to £2M

£70bn* has been added to buy-to-let equity over the last two years as house prices have risen 15% nationally over this period and a staggering 30% in London**.

We recently revealed these research findings and launched our PortfolioBuilder product and Just Bridging our dedicated broker/financial intermediary channel. PortfolioBuilder holds the key to unlocking the billions of pounds in property professionals' portfolios.

Director, John Davies says, "Our research shows property professionals are equity rich but options poor. This is because prior to the financial crisis many had the foresight to take out tracker mortgages around just 0.5% to 1% above Base Rate.

"Understandably, the last thing they want to do is unlock the equity in their portfolios by remortgaging as this would significantly increase their overall borrowing costs. This can be extremely frustrating as they are unable to use their equity to take on additional properties or improve their housing stock."

These frustrations have led Just Bridging to introduce its PortfolioBuilder facility. It provides flexible funding solutions from £26,000 to £2M for established property businesses in the UK that own at least one or more commercial properties, which includes buy-to-lets.

The PortfolioBuilder facility operates in one of two ways: either as a replica of a second charge bridging loan - but where a much higher than standard LTV is required, or as an exact replica to a normal bank overdraft which helps flatten out the peaks and troughs of late rental payments and can allow the release of funds to carry out repairs and improvements.

John adds "We are a lender to the business model and not a property lender. We focus on how the business is being managed and who is managing it. This results in potential access to loans at significantly higher LTVs if security is taken over real assets."

*Of the 4.2m privately rented properties in the UK (census2011) approximately 2/3 are owned by landlords making use of mortgage lending (NLA), - approx. 2.814m properties. Assuming a conservative 25% equity in the property (average B2L deposit) two years ago, based on average property values, equates to £41,978. Add to this the additional equity from house price rises (£25,136) = £67,114 equity. This totals a minimum of £188bn total equity, with the additional equity being £70bn.

**According to latest available data from Nationwide House Price Index. National house price rises = £167,912 (May 2013) to £193,048 (April 2015). London rises = £306,919 (end Q1 2013) to £408,780 (end Q1 2015).


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Just Cashflow is a Patron of NACFB. and was Commended Business Moneyfacts 2015 Awards in Product Innovation of the Year category.

Date Issued 2 July 2015.

PortfolioBuilder launched

Just Bridging launches PortfolioBuilder

Your flexible bridging solution from £26,000 to £2M for established UK property businesses that own at least one or more commercial properties, which includes buy-to-lets.

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